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How I maintain my gray hair with oVertone

[ad] This post is in collaboration with oVertone, but all opinions are my own. Thank you oVertone for providing the product for review purposes. 

Ever since transforming my hair to a balayage black to silver, aka ombre gray, I've been trying to find a way to extend the color of my hair. Having unnaturally color hair fades so fast! I love experimenting with my hair. I've previously had bright red Ariel Hair and a dusty rose ombre also. 


As you can see, my hair is already pre-bleached, but it had a slight yellow tint to it. I highly recommend going to a professional for the lightening part! It started out as gray but fades fast back to blonde with washing. Previously, my hair care routine would consist of washing my hair with cold water, purple shampoo and then deep conditioning two times a week. Also, I would mix up a concoction of semi-permanent hair color and let it sit for 30-45 minutes to refresh my hair color every 2-3 weeks as it was fading to this yellow color.

The oVertone Treatment

NO MORE COLD SHOWERS! Enter, the oVertone System! This is a vegan color conditioner, not dye. It is color-depositing and keeps fantasy colored hair vibrant between dye jobs. There’s a "Go Deep" treatment and a Daily Conditioner. They have a huge color range from silver, pink, purple, blue and even teal. All the colors can also be mixed so you can create your perfect color like peach or blue sapphire.

Using the Go Deep Treatment

I first started with the go deep treatment since I really needed a refresh to my color. This product is perfect for those with bleached hair or very light color already. I still wanted to keep my hair silver, but I wanted to play around with a little purple to give it an amethyst or smoky lavender color.

  1. I mixed up a tiny amount of the vibrant purple with the vibrant silver in a plastic mixing bowl.
  2. I part my hair down the middle and make two pigtails. Tackling each side at a time, I use gloves, and I apply the treatment directly to my dry hair to saturate it. I concentrated the mixture on the light parts of my hair since I knew my natural black at the top of my head wouldn't pick up any color. After applying, I put my hair up into two Sailor Moon buns and use hair clips to hold them in place. 
  3. They advise that the treatment only needs to be on your hair for 10 minutes, any additional time doesn't make it any more vibrant. 
  4. Wash it out with warm water! You heard me, no more cold showers! Warm water actually works with the product to help penetrate the hair and make it stick. 


As you can see this is way more silver than the initial blonde before photos. Where there were some very light highlights on my hair, it picked up the purple color really well. I'm super excited about this product because not only does it give me the color I'm looking for, it also deep conditions it.

Maintaining with the Daily Conditioner

Previously, I would rely on my purple shampoo alone to keep my hair from turning yellow, but would still need to use a semi-permanent dye every few weeks. Utilizing the daily conditioner has really made my life easier and prolonged the need to dye my hair frequently. I now feel comfortable with washing my hair every other day instead of just two times a week. My hair gets very oily and sometimes I don't want to be 90% dry shampoo. Now, I still use my purple shampoo, but only once a week so it doesn't excessively dry out my hair. Then, I use the daily conditioner in silver to keep the silver color in my hair vibrant.

Final thoughts and Tips
  • Overall I would recommend these colored conditioners from oVertone for maintaining colored hair. They're easy to use and keep your color vibrant.
  • These can be a little pricey for the amount of product that you get. $17 for the Daily Conditioner and $28 for the Go Deep Treatment. But if you're like me, by the time you finish a container, you may want to try another color! I really want to try something on the peachy/pink side next!
  • These conditioners are potent! I mix my regular colorless conditioner with the deep treatments to help it go a bit further. 
  • The smell is a strong mint smell. I don't mind it, but I can see that some people may not like it. 
  • oVertone has a TON of photos of their results on their website and Instagram. It's great for inspiration and helps you decide which color is right for you. 
  • When using purple shampoo, don't apply to roots since it's very drying and my irritate your scalp. I apply to the middle to the ends of my hair and then apply regular shampoo to the roots.
  •  Use a serum or hair oil to nourish the ends of your hair. My favorite one that isn't too greasy is this one
  • When brushing your hair, use a detangler spray and a wet brush to minimize breakage. 

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  1. Thank you for these helpful tips! I am also asian descent and have naturally black brown hair that i've recently switched up to a gray ombre. It is quickly turning into a blonde color though that I'm not very fond of. I just ordered overtone and will give this a try!

  2. this is exactly what i'm looking for! will give it a try. what was the ratio of purple to silver that you used for the deep conditioner?


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