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Affordable At-Home Teeth Whitening | Smile Brilliant Review

With blogging and constantly taking photos, I've always been a bit insecure about my teeth. After finally straightening my teeth with braces a few years ago, my next thing to tackle was whitening my teeth. I truly believe that your smile is the best accessory. I've always want to try an at home whitening system for my smile, so when Smile Brilliant * reached out to me for a review, I was excited to try it! I love drinking coffee and I know that most of the things I eat and drink definitely contribute to stains on my teeth. I've tried white stripes previously, but I never followed through with them because I hated the way they felt on my teeth. They would get all slimy and slide around so gave them away!

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I love the way that everything was packaged in the whitening kit. Everything had its place and nothing shifted around. The whole box and packaging is just nice and steps were easy to follow. I appreciated that the instructions were right there in front of your face, and easy to follow. 

What's included in the teeth whitening kit:
  • 3 sets of catalyst paste and base paste (for making impressions)
  • 2 blue impression trays
  • Whitening syringes and desensitizing syringes (mine came with 3 of each, but you can choose your quantity depending on your needs)
  • A case for your teeth trays
  • Mailing Envelope with pre-paid label

My before....
Step 1: Making the Impressions 

1 container of catalyst paste and 1 container base paste is used to create each side of your teeth impressions - 1 set for top and 1 set for bottom. They include an extra set just in case you mess up... which I did of course, LOL. 

I followed the instructions that came with the whitening kit, which involved mixing the catalyst with the base to make a uniform paste, which is what you push your teeth into on the tray. My mouth is a bit small, so I did have a bit of difficulty with getting the trays in quickly and then centering the tray with the teeth. My tip is to practice a few times without the paste to get the positioning and motion right.

My completed impressions
I was a bit unsure about one of my impressions, so I contacted Smile Brilliant. I took a photo and sent it to them to make sure they looked good before sending in my trays. I was all good, but they can also provide additional base and catalyst paste if needed, in case you mess up more than once. Once the impressions look good, I mailed them off in the envelope provided with the mailing label. Their lab takes about 3-5 days to create the trays once they receive the impressions.

Step 2: Whitening

Here comes the fun part... maybe, depending on how you feel about whitening your teeth haha. There's two steps involved when whitening. First, the actual whitening part, and second, the desensitizing part. I found that you really have to be diligent if you want to see great results. The trays and the gels are easy to use and apply to the trays. Each of the syringes has enough for 3-4 applications, so they include a stopper to put back on to save for future uses. 

The minimum time for whitening is 45 minutes, and desensitizing is 15 minutes after whitening. They also recommend whitening every day. I found it hard for me to get to whitening every day because of my schedule. I tried to do it before going to bed, but sometimes I wouldn't have enough time to be able to commit at least an hour to the process. But, when I remembered to do it, I would put the trays in and do a face mask and relax or do some work. It was all about making time to get the process started before it was too late in the night. 

Following directions, I put the whitening solution on the trays, and then applied the trays to my teeth. A few times, I put too much of the solution and the overflow would get on to my gums. I tried cleaning up the excess as much as I could, but sometimes would feel the gel foaming up and my gums would then be a bit tender after. This also discouraged me from being consistent with my whitening since the gel would sometimes feel like they were burning my gums. I think with practice, I was able to control how much of the gel I was applying so that it wouldn't bother my gums as much. 

And here are my results of before and after the whitening!

  • Affordable whitening solution vs. professional whitening services
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Great customer service, ready to answer questions
  • Doesn't make teeth very sensitive after process
  • Customized solution with personalized trays and desired results
  • Can make gums sensitive
Overall, I did see good results, but I'm sure that my results would have been even better if I was able to whiten every day consistently. I would recommend this kit to someone who's interested in trying to whiten at home. This article may help those who are considering this solution: 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening. There is also this helpful video with how another customer whitens her teeth.

* Thank you Smile Brilliant for providing the product for review and sponsoring this post. All options stated are of course my own.

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