Thursday, August 4, 2016

4 chokers you need in your closet

I've been loving that the choker trend is back in full force. I grew up in the 90's, and loved this trend then, and still love it now. There's so many different styles available and really helps to make your outfit pop. Today I'm sharing 4 types of chokers you need in your closet! You won't see me without one of these on the weekend. 

1. Bolo Tie

A Bolo tie style is so versatile. This one here can be can be worn so many ways. The first look plays with the ribbon tie look - I wrapped the tie four time and finished it with a bow. The other way i like to wear this is to loosely wrap it twice and tie a loose knot shown below, and seen previously here. Another option is this beaded bolo style necklace that is already wrapped for you.

2. Thick Choker

Thick chokers are one of the biggest trends right now. I find it best to style this type of choker with a outfit with a deeper neckline or even a tube top. I really like layering this choker with longer more delicate necklaces.

3. Metal Circle Chokers

These are a more elegant style of chokers. This black triangle open choker has the layering built in with this triangle pendant on a chain.

This golden choker with marble triangle pendant is super cute and goes with everything!

4. Tassel

This style is the most fun, and plays with the lasted trend: tassels! A simple, but fun addition to any outfit! Get it here in black or silver.


  1. How cute! I love them all! I have on my need to get list chokers lol You look great in all of them babe! xo

  2. Im not usually a choker fan but these look adorable on you!! I particularly like the metal circle ones :-)

  3. I love the golden one with the triangle. It goes with so many things.

  4. The metal circle choker is my favorite �� And I also love the way you stayed the bolo tie! Super cute babe!

    xoxo, CiCi

  5. These are all such great choker options! I love that they are back in style!
    xo Jessica


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