Monday, August 29, 2016

3 Reasons why you need a pair of knee socks

I love knee socks, they're super fun and comfy. I've got quite the collection of plain black ones to crazy bright print ones.

Here's 3 reasons for why you need some knee socks in your life!

1. I love to wear shorts around the house, especially for lounging because it's the most comfortable. If I do ever get cold, wearing knee socks help to keep my feet warm, especially  when you have cold tile floors.

2 . Knee socks are perfect to wear under boots. I hate when my socks slip when I'm wearing knee high, or even over the knee boots. I have a bunch of pairs of knee socks that I can wear under all my tall boots that will never slip.

3. Knee Socks are great for working out. I love the look of them with sneakers, for that retro feel. They also will protect your shins if you're doing any weightlifting workouts like dead lifts where the bar may come in contact with your shins.

I received these socks from Chrissy's Knee Socks for review purposes. All opinions stated in this post are of my own. I really love collecting different types of knee socks because there's so much personality in each pair. Chrissy's really has a large selection of styles, prints and colors. All of the socks that I received were great in quality, and feel super comfy to wear. They have a good stretch on them, even with the designs. My favorite ones have to be the Donut Socks below since they appeal to my foodie side. Other faves include: Shark Socks, Rainbow Unicorn, and tube socks.

Donut Knee Socks

Shark Socks


  1. Love knee socks!! Those donut ones are too cute!

  2. Too cute! Hugs, Kait

  3. i totally agree! i love knee socks!


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