Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel Packing List and Essentials

With the long weekend ahead of us, and summer just around the corner, it's a perfect time to escape and take a trip somewhere. I'm lucky enough to have just come home from a trip to Mexico, and I'm on my way to Japan! I can't wait to eat all the ramen and sushi! I wanted to share my packing list, I try to get a good foundation of basic pieces and then liven them up with trending accessories. Here are some tips and tricks for packing efficiently and traveling comfortably.

In My Suitcase

I like to pack pretty casual outfits when I travel, I'm all about that comfort. For the plane ride, my go to outfit is usually a maxi, cardigan, and an oversized scarf. I like to use the scarf as a blanket since it can get cold in the air. In my bag, here's my standard travel packing list:
  • Casual cotton dresses - I'm all about one a done, one-piece outfits make it easier to pack and decide what to wear
  • Shorts - Because I live in shorts when I'm not at work. 
  • Sandals - I make sure I pack cute sandals that scream "I'm on vacay!" How cute are these?
  • Sneakers - Because travel = adventures, and we all know that involves a lot of walking. I love the athleisure look that's been trending, so sneakers + dresses and any casual outfit is a go. 
  • Chambray Shirt - I love that this can be worn as a shirt on it's own, or thrown over a dress as a jacket when it gets chilly.
  • T-Shirts - I love the simplicity of a good quality t-shirt, it can be paired with shorts or thrown over a dress and knotted.

In My Carry-on
  • Passport Holder - why not style your passport?
  • Coloring book - passing the time with an adult coloring book can be very soothing
  • Headphones - perfect for catching the in-flight movie, or zoning out to your music. 
  • Back up Battery - I love my mint battery phone case from Incipio - it gives me 2.5x the charge so it's perfect for those long flights or when you can't get to a charger for a whole day. (Similar)
  • Facial Mist - Being up in the air can make your skin super dry. I love using this facial mist to keep my skin hydrated and it also feels so refreshing
  • Chapstick - I can't live without my Burt's Bees, it keeps my lips from drying out on the flight,
  • Sleeping Mask - perfect for those red eyes where you need to get some rest. It's so much easier to falls asleep and stay asleep when you can block out the light. 
  • Ear Plugs - When you need that extra help to sleep on the plane
  • Neck Pillow - I like the inflatable pillows are that covered with fleece. Make sure you get the quick deflating ones so that you don't have to spend extra time pushing all the air out when you need to get off the plane. The nice thing about inflatable ones is you can change the support/pressure by inflating it more or less to your liking.
  • Sunnies - I've been loving these mirrored sunnies. Get a free month of designer sunglass rental from Ditto using code THREADSNBREADS
Happy Traveling!


  1. The perfect travel essential post! Seriously Mindy thank you for this post, I need a good packing list to go to before my summer travels this year. Thank you for sharing!

    XO Morgan

  2. First, I hope you are having the BEST time in Tokyo so far! It's one of my favorite cities and I can't wait to see all of your beautiful photos (especially of ramen and sushi!)! Second, this list was so on point! Safe to say you are a seasoned traveler! :) xoxo

    Jen | MrsJenFrick.com

  3. Loving this list!!


  4. Perfect! This list is everything necessary!

  5. This is perfect timing as I'm leaving for vacation this Thursday 🌞🌞🌞. I love the bag lost especially since I wanna but chic but comfortable.


  6. You nailed it all! The perfect packing list with all of the necessary essentials! I can't wait to hear more about your trip because the pictures so far are amazing!! Thanks for sharing Mindy!! Xo, Roselyn

  7. Yaaaas! This post is perfection and I love travel guides. I always scramble everything last minute ahaha! I need to get out of that habit! :P

  8. That sleeping mask looks outstanding!
    XO Amanda | www.glitterandspice.com

  9. Love the look for on the plane! I've been wanting a pair of mirrored sunnies so badly lately. Sounds like a good start to summer for you!!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this! I always love reading travel essentials and tips from others so I can add them to my routine. Can't wait to see more about your trip :)
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

  11. mindy--hey girl!! totally agree on all your essentials here! it is so impt to feel comfortable when traveling, i'm mostly decked out in athleisure! helloooo lululemon. so i have to say you travel more fashionably than i do. :P i like how you broke it down to "in my suitcase" "in my carryon" though i did have a friend lose her suitcase. so i feel like you should but an extra pair of clothes in your carryon?! thanks for sharing this PERFECT list, it's basically everything i use!! and omg, noise-cancelling earphones saved my life for this airplane rides!! no more deafness when getting off!! xoxo,

    janna | www.jannadoan.com

  12. Great post!! I am definitely going to follow this guide when I head out to Chicago in a few weeks!!

    xoxo, Kristen


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