Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel Packing List and Essentials

With the long weekend ahead of us, and summer just around the corner, it's a perfect time to escape and take a trip somewhere. I'm lucky enough to have just come home from a trip to Mexico, and I'm on my way to Japan! I can't wait to eat all the ramen and sushi! I wanted to share my packing list, I try to get a good foundation of basic pieces and then liven them up with trending accessories. Here are some tips and tricks for packing efficiently and traveling comfortably.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Style Your Tech: Spring Trends for Phone Cases

I'm constantly on my phone all day long, and I like to surround myself with pretty things and decided I would personalize my tech items since I'm constantly on them. Since I'm already styling my clothes and accessories on a daily basis, why not style my phone as well? My phone would be an extension of my style and personality. I was super excited when this collaboration opportunity** came up with Incipio. They have a new Ring in the Spring Design Series case collection that includes fashion-forward spring trends: florals, stripes and marble prints. I knew I had to get my hands on some of these pretty cases.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Tula Probiotic Skincare Review

As I get closer to the last years of my late twenties, I’ve realized the importance of taking care of my skin. Bad skin can really age you, and who doesn’t want to look like they’re in their twenties forever?! This year especially I’ve been experimenting with different skincare products that will help me hang on to my youth as long as I can including: masks, eye creams and moisturizing creams.

I recently just found out about TULA, a skincare line that is all about probiotics. We all know probiotics are good for your digestion – I get my dose through yogurt every morning. They help to fight inflammation in the gut, and also help neutralize and block some toxins. Probiotics can also be used topically in skincare. According to World Health, these good bacteria can yield these benefits: wrinkle prevention, strengthening skin barrier, and upholding moisture.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Style Your Tech: Palm Leaf Laptop Skin

As a blogger and digital marketer, I'm always connected - either on my phone or on my laptop for work and blogging. I like to surround myself with pretty things and decided I wanted to personalize my Macbook as an extension of my style and personality. I already pay so much attention to my personal style when it comes to clothes and accessories, why shouldn't my tech items get the same attention? I knew I wanted some sort of skin for my Macbook, because I could easily apply it, and change it up if I want a new design. Keep reading for how you can win a custom laptop or phone case of your own!

I found this company called CaseApp. They have the best looking marble and leaf print cases for your phone and laptops. I also found out that you can fully customize your design! They have existing designs you can chose from (including every type of marble print you can image) or you can design your own images and upload them to their design widget.

Their design widget makes it super easy to add text or images to your design to fully customize your piece!

 I had the hardest time deciding what I wanted for my design. They have so many amazing existing designs, but I knew I wanted to customize it somehow. I was very temped to go with a marble print, but decided on this palm leaf print instead. I chose to personalize it by putting the name of my blog on it.

You are able to add any text you want using their tool, but I created my blog name file in photoshop because I wanted a specific font and saved it as a .png with a transparent background. They also have a handful of cute graphics and quotes you can add. I chose to add a simple heart next to my name since the palm print was so busy.

The laptop skin came in a flat envelop with a hard cardboard backing so that it would not fold. The above shows the printed design on the sheet with the shape of the laptop die cut out. The material for the skin is a thicker textured sticker material that acts as a protective layer for the laptop. It's simple to apply, and easy to remove and re-place if you mess up. Application tip: I used the apple cutout in the middle as a guide for positioning, then pressed from the middle out to the edges pushing out all the air bubbles. 

 CaseApp Giveaway!

Here's your chance to win your own CaseApp skin! Check out the details here:
CaseApp Giveaway

More Leafy Inspo:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Stripes and Trench

East Side Plunging Shift Dress (c/o Tobi) | Let Loose Longline Draped Jacket (c/o Tobi)Steve Madden Heels | Vanessa Mooney Necklace (Similar)
Fresh crisp stripes are what I've been loving for spring (clearly, since this is not my first striped look this season). This is my second look from my collaboration with Tobi. This dress has clean lines and a dramatic front and back deep V - perfect for date night or a girls night out! I kept this look simple by pairing it with classic accessories so that the dress could be the focus. It can get chilly randomly during the spring, like it did on this day, so I paired this dress with a waterfall trench previously seen here. I love the silhouette of this trench because it really gives it a feminine touch.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans

Styling Boyfriend Jeans
Silver Lake Boyfriend Jeans (c/o Tobi) | Let Loose Longline Draped Jacket (c/o Tobi) | H&M Off-The-Shoulder Top
Hello friends! I'm so excited to bring you this post today in collaboration with Tobi! It is a great online store that always has all the best trends at an affordable price. I've been shopping from this site for years, so of course when they reached out about a collab, I was ecstatic! Tobi always had great deals and sales so follow them on social media to get alerted about the sales. They also offer 50% off your first order, so definitely take advantage of that!

I've been loving the look of boyfriend jeans lately, so I knew this was something I wanted to style. Because of the baggy casual look of distressed boyfriend jeans, it's easy to look frumpy. Here's some tips and tricks to make sure you still look put together while rocking this style.

Monday, May 2, 2016

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

We all know the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes regularly. Bacteria can grow on used brushes, and since we touch our faces daily with them, it's important to prevent blemishes from popping up. While I deep clean my brushes every one to two weeks(depending on frequency of use), I like to use a spray cleanser for daily in between use. Recently, when I ran out of my spray brush cleaner, I thought, there must be a way to DIY this. After some time of Pinterest research, I thought I could combine and modify a few of these recipes out there to make something that works for me.

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