Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Surprise Inside Valentine's Day Cake

I really wanted to make something fun and festive for Valentine's Day. I love to bake special themed treats, and I've always wanted to try making surprise inside treats, so I thought this would be the perfect occasion. These cakes are very easy to make! I kept it simple with some store bought items to same some time and sanity. Make these for your Valentine's Day Celebration!

Food coloring (optional for the frosting)
1 Box of Cake Mix (I used the Strawberry one to be festive)
 - eggs, oil and water required on box.
Large cookie sheet

  1. Start by preparing your cake mix according to the directions on the package. Using a large cookie sheet, you want to prep by folding or cutting parchment paper to fit. Spray some non-stick cooking spray to make it stick. I let the paper run off the shorter edge of the sheet so i could easily remove the cake once it was done baking. 
  2. Pour your prepared cake mix on to the cookie sheet so you are making one large thin cake sheet. You'll need to guestimate the baking time according to your package - mine was about 15 minutes of baking time. Take out when you can insert a fork or toothpick and pull it out clean.
  3. Let your cake cool completely in the fridge overnight. This will make the cake easier to cut and hold up.
  4. Using your heart cookie cutters, cut out 3 hearts using the larger cookie cutter. With the smaller cookie cutter, remove the center of one of the hearts so you have two full hearts and one that is like a framed heart.

  5. Using your food coloring, color your frosting to your desired color. I decided on purple, I kind of wished I picked yellow instead since it's not the prettiest purple because of the original off-white color.
  6. Place your frosting into a ziplock bag to make it easier to put on to your cake and cut the tip.

  7. Add a layer of frosting to the outside edge of one of the whole hearts. Place the "framed" heart on top of the whole heart. This will create a cavity where you can put your surprise.

  8. Fill up your cavity with your sprinkles or small candies.

  9. Add some frosting to the middle outside layer, and add the last whole heart piece to close up the cake.

  10. Frost the whole outside of your cake and decorate using a red decorating icing to add a phrase.

When you cut open the cake, Surprise! Your sprinkles will fall out.

Have fun with what you put on your cake and what you put inside!

Happy Loving!


  1. oh my goodness! this is the cutest thing ever and would make the perfect proposal opportunity! such a cute DIY

  2. This looks delicious!!! Hugs, Kait

  3. mindy--WOW!!!! i love this idea so much, i mean cake is already treat but more treats inside of it?!?! yes please, so creative, thanks so much for sharing these droolworthy pictures! xoxo,

    janna | www.jannadoan.com


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