Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OC Fair is Back: 5 Favorites & 5 New Things

It's officially Summer and the OC Fair is opening this weekend.

Don't forget Friday, July 11 is opening day, and they allow free admission from 12-1PM. The OC fair runs from July 11-Aug 10. There's tons to do, so don't miss out on 5 of my favs and 5 new things to try.

The food... you can get everything you imagined fried. From fried Klondike ice cream bars, fried butter to deep fried White castles, I've had it all. And let me tell you, most of it will leave you unsatisfied with a mouth full of grease.

Here's my go to favorites at the fair... and don't forget to bring some friends so you can try everything!

1.) Roasted Corn - a classic, if you know me, I LOVE CORN. This is the must have item for me at the fair, they always have all the toppings for you to customize your corn to your taste, you can't go wrong here.

2.) Mexican Funnel Cake - this is a twist on the classic funnel cake. There's only 1 stand that sells this Mexican funnel cake but its' worth finding! It's basically a giant churro in the form of a funnel cake and you can top it with ice cream, strawberries and whipped creme. It's light and crispy, so it doesn't get to heavy like the traditional dessert. It's a must try!

3.) Porkabello Kabobs - These are bacon wrapped mushrooms stuffed with gouda cheese. These kabobs are delicious and gluttonous.

4.) Austrailian Battered Potatoes - The name says it all. Deliciousness served with warm cheese or ranch. Definitely make sure to have friends to share this with.

5.) Krispy Kreme Sandwich -  This is one of the more outrageous items that I do recommend trying if you're up for it. This is a Chicken sandwich with a jelly filled Krispy Kreme donut as the bun. The sweet and salty all work together to give you a pretty good balance. This is one of the better tasting crazy items served at the fair.

5 New Items to try this year:

1.) Bacon Wrapped Jack Daniels
– This is some sort of fried churro concoction with a whiskey kick at the end.
2.) Deep Fried Chicken Skin - This sounds amazing, the skin is the best part when it's served crispy like a chicharron. You can find this at Chicken Charlies.
3.) Deep Fried Doritos - This can also be found at Chicken Charlies, I wonder how this one will turn out.
4.) Texas Donuts is putting a twist on its popular giant donuts with new flavors like Cherry Pop Rocks, Banana Chocolate Cream and Peanut Butter Cup. Also new this year, a Latin twist with the new deep-fried Gansito.
5.) OC Brew Hee Haw - The 1st Annual Orange County Brew Hee Haw will be held Friday, July 11 - Sunday, July 13 2014. It's a craft beer roundup and will bring some of the best local craft beers. Includes free admission to the 2014 OC Fair.

Don't forget to check out the promotions page before you go to plan your visit, there's always different deals going on to save $ on admission or rides and games. Have fun and happy Eating!

The OC Fair is located at 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA.

OC Fair Hours
July 11 - August 10
(Open Wednesday - Sunday)
Wednesday - Friday: Noon - Midnight
Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - Midnight

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