Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Design the Ultimate Dessert Table

Photo by: HN Vision

Dessert Tables... I'm loving that you can find a dessert table at almost every party. What's not to love? They look great in photos and they make a party look totally put together. P.S. if you didn't know, I have a total sweet tooth. :)

I recently helped to build a dessert table at my niece's big 1st birthday bash, here's what you'll need to ensure am amazing table:

1.) Pick a theme - And go all out. We decided on an Under the Sea/Mermaid theme with turquoise and white as the colors. We go lots of lots of seashells and starfish to use as decor to bring the theme together.
2.) Table covering - Make sure you choose a table covering that will match your colors and theme. I got some colored tulle for the cake table to layer to look like waves, and a turquoise table cloth to cover the bigger table. I got some fishing net decor to add on top of each table and placed seashells and starfish all over
3.) Have a backdrop - This will be a focal point so you want to make sure there's a nice background for all the pictures that you'll be taking. You can also have a hanging banner.
4.) Candy jars - you'll want to fill candy jars with candies that follow along with your theme and color scheme.
5.) Cakes/Cookies - pick up the colors and theme elements in your cookies and cakes also. These can be from a bakery, homemade, or store bought all depending on your budget and time. Our cookies and treats were created by Pacestries and the big cake was by Final Touch Bakery. These should be displayed on cake stands or pretty plates. You'll want to make sure you have varying heights for each element to ensure good composition and balance.
6.) Favor bags - Don't forget, you'll want to make sure to include favor bags for you guests to take stuff home!

Let me know what you think! Photos of all the desserts and table elements below :)

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Board!

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