Saturday, January 11, 2014

Easy DIY: Elastic hair-ties

If you're like me and work a typical Monday thru Friday week, you're always looking make the most of your free time on the weekend. For my free time, I like to DIY and do crafts. Here's a very easy DIY to try this weekend that you can actually finish. I know I have a big pile of projects that I always want to start but never finish. :) This was one that was easy to tackle and finish.

Easy DIY: Elastic hair-ties 
(Anthropoligie inspired like this or this.)

Here's what you need:
Fold-over elastic - you can pick some up from any fabric store or from here also.
1 yard makes about 4 hair-ties.
Sharp fabric scissors
Ruler or measuring tape
A lighter

1.) Each hair-tie should be made from about 9 inches of elastic, depending on how much of a "tail" you want.
2.) Then, all you have to do is cut, fold and knot the ends.
3.) Finally, I burn the cut ends with a lighter real quick so the thread won't fray.

What's great about these elastics is that they don't leave a crease in your hair. Headbands can also be made using this same technique. Will you try this easy DIY?

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  1. Found your blog from Chictopia! Very cute idea. I know when my hair grows a bit longer (and more tamable), I'd like to try this.



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