Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last minute DIY Halloween: lace rabbit ears

I know Halloween is over now, but i thought I would share this last-minute DIY bunny ears project. I drew some inspiration from Maison Michel's version and the Louis Vuitton runway for this look. Here's how i did my own version of this for my dead bunny Halloween look. (Top: Urban outfitters, skirt: F21)

Here's what you'll need:
- a black plastic headband (I got mine from a drug store)
- some thick black jewelry wire (mine is 16 gauge)
- wire cutters
- some black non-stretch lace
- black thread and a sewing needle
- fabric scissors

Bend the wire into the desired shape for both ears and twist to secure.
Secure the wire with pins to the lace. Beginning sewing the lace to the wire with some black thread and continue all the way around. 
With fabric scissors, cut the lace half an inch around the wire.
Once the ears are cut out, secure the ears to the headband by wrapping the wire around. Trim the ends with a wire cutter. Remember to leave the ends on the outside of the headband so that they don't end up poking your head when you wear them. And remember, you can do this with any animal ear shape! Can't wait until next Halloween!

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