Friday, October 28, 2016

Home Office Necessities

As a blogger and a co-owner of a small jewelry business, The Songbird Collection, I have to have a productive space at home. I finally have a little area that I've been able to turn into my home office. I like to surround myself with pretty things that can help me get things done. Here are some of my home office necessities.

1. Art
Thimblepress has the cutest prints, notebooks and party supplies. They hooked me up with this amazing donut print!* I knew I wanted to have something foodie related in my space, and this was the perfect little piece of art. Next to it, I have some Power Puff Girls art that my friend, who actually draws for the show, gifted me! I'm slowly building my art collection so I can eventually turn it into a gallery wall!

2. Notepads
As much as I rely on my phone's calendar and other apps to get things done, I still love to make lists on paper. This Do Something Awesome Notepad is super cute and definitely motivates me to get awesome things done. It's an illustration that they turned into the perfect sized notepad!

3. Plants
I can never keep plants alive, so I have fake plants on my desk. I got this cute little succulent from Cost Plus World Market. I love having the little greenery on my desk, even if it is a faux one because it does help to calm me. Maybe one day I can have a real one that I won't kill. :)

4. Something Extra
I usually like to have a little something extra on my desk. In this case, I have a candle that one of my best friends bought me. I like to swap this something extra item out from time to time. I've had different kinds of toys or figures as something extra on my desk in the past. This something extra helps to personalize your space, and make you happy when you're spending time in the space and getting work done. 

My laptop skin is from CaseApp.

Disclaimer: The items were provided by Thimblepress for review purposes. Everything stated is of course my own opinion. 


  1. I love doing up the home office! I still need to get mine to where I want it to be! Love these tips here :)

  2. adorable! looove the donut artowrk!!

    x - Leah

  3. This post is so darling.. seriously having a notebook helps a lot to be organized


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