Monday, May 2, 2016

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

We all know the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes regularly. Bacteria can grow on used brushes, and since we touch our faces daily with them, it's important to prevent blemishes from popping up. While I deep clean my brushes every one to two weeks(depending on frequency of use), I like to use a spray cleanser for daily in between use. Recently, when I ran out of my spray brush cleaner, I thought, there must be a way to DIY this. After some time of Pinterest research, I thought I could combine and modify a few of these recipes out there to make something that works for me.
Tried and tested, here's my go to for this DIY.

1/4 cup Witch hazel
1 tsp Castille soap
1/2 cup Distilled Water (or Boiled water)
1/2 tsp Coconut Oil or olive oil
Empty Spray Bottle

Combine all of these ingredients together and place into your empty spray bottle.

How to use:
1. Shake the ingredients in the bottle
2. Place your dirty brush on a small hand towel you don't mind getting dirty.
3. Spray your dirty brushes with your mixture where the bristles are on the towel.
4. Rub the brush on the towel in a circular motion and you will see the product come right off your brush.
5. Lay flat to dry on the towel.
** One additional step I started doing this year was disinfecting the handles of my brushes. Take a paper towel and dab with a bit of rubbing alcohol and wipe the handles of your brushes clean. You'll be amazing to see how much makeup and dirt come off.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

  DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

Happy Cleaning!


  1. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday!
    much love, Len

  2. This is so smart!! My brushes are getting a little icky but I hate buying brush cleaner because it gets pricey!

  3. This is perfect! I'm making this ASAP
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Kat | Delirium Style

  4. What a useful tip and trick. I cannot wait to whip up a bottle for myself and spread the word with my lady friends. Thank you for sharing.


  5. What an amazing idea!! And I love that it's with all natural ingredients! Thanks so much for sharing Mindy!

    Jen | MrsJenFrick.com

  6. You just reminded me I need to clean my brushes. Thanks for sharing this DIY!! Xo ~Anna www.pepperedinstyle.com

  7. I needed this!! Thanks babe. Hugs, Kait

  8. Tabks for sharing!! This will be very helpful in the future, definitely gonna try it out!

  9. mindy--hey girl! great post on a DIY brush cleaner. it's so impt to clean those brushes! some don't clean them for a while.. i'm like what?! how? and more importantly... WHY?!! lol, this is a great option for the day to day cleanse. thanks for sharing! xoxo,

    janna | www.jannadoan.com

  10. This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing your tips, Mindy!
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

  11. This post came at the perfect time because I seriously needed some good home remedy to clean my brushes! Thanks for sharing (: XOXO, Scout

  12. I love this. I have a great cleaner from it cosmetics. But it gets expensive! This is great instead!!

  13. What a great DIY, I will definitely have to try making this! www.alwaysalldressedup.com

  14. Omg, what a great post! Thank you for sharing this DIY formula! Totally trying this! Xo, Roselyn

  15. This is such a great reminder! I try to do this every 2-3 weeks but sometimes I forget, I needed this. Will be cleaning mine tonight.


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