Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Personalize your Keys + KeySmart Review

How to personalize your keys

We've all seen those super cute keys that are available at the hardware store that are colored, have a cute pattern, or a print on it. If you're looking for a way to personalize or differentiate your keys that look similar, there's an easy DIY for that. Using nail polish, you can paint the top portion of your keys to make them stand out! Keep reading for the directions.

DIY Decorated Keys

Using nail polish, paint a thin layer on the top portion of your keys. Use some washi tape or masking tape to tape off the bottom portion of the key (the part that is inserted into the lock) and to make a clean straight line. Let dry for 5 minutes and then paint a 2nd thin layer to make it opaque.

DIY Decorated Keys

DIY Decorated Keys

To add a polka dot pattern, use a dotting tool to add small dots to create a pattern. You can also add stripes using additional tape or freehand any design to personalize your keys. Seal with a clear top coat. Let these keys dry overnight before putting them back on your key ring.


How cool is this key organizer? I received this c/o KeySmart. It's like your keys in a Swiss army knife inspired holder. You can add up to 100 keys using the expander kits, and it helps to consolidate your keys into a sleek stylish package so you don't have a bunch of dangling keys. I think this is a really cool concept, and there's a bunch of accessories that are available that you can add to your KeySmart like a bottle opener or even a USB drive that tucks away neatly along with your keys. They have very clear instructions for assembly and videos on how to add your keys to the organizer on their website. I was able to do it within a few minutes. Overall, I think it's a great design, especially for those who love a minimalist look for one of their essential items.

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  1. What a great idea!! I never even thought of this. I always have a hard time picking a style/color at Home Depot now I can use my favorite polish!! Xo, Roselyn

  2. This is an adorable idea! Hugs, Kait

  3. Aww I can't wait to try this out! I love DIY blog posts, they are so much fun to read! You are so good at describing the steps too! Thanks for sharing girl!

    XOXO Morgan


  4. You are GENIUS. Pure genius!! I love this so much

  5. omg so cute! i'm definitely doing this since my favorite key chain broke!

  6. How fun!! They look great :)

  7. This is such a great idea! I need to look into doing this! :) xoxo

  8. This is such a good idea! My keys look ugly on lanyard. This is a great way to spice it up and make them look a ton better! Plus I never like the keys that they have at the stores!


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