Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE Glittery Hair Roots

The glittering trend has been all over the internet, glitter brows, beards and even hair! This NYE, I thought glittery roots would be a nice little pop of sparkle for the New Year countdown. Pair this hair with neutral makeup and a more subtle outfit. It's super simple to do! Just bear in mind, glitter gets everywhere, so be sure to wash it out before you go to bed otherwise you'll have glitter in your sheets for days!

What you'll need:
- Hair Gel or Pomade
- Hairspray
- Craft Glitter (like these: 1, 2, 3)
- Large Paint brush (optional)

  1. Style your hair as you want it for the evening. I curled my hair with my 25mm Nume Magic wand, but you can straighten or even put your hair up, as long as you've got a part or root area to work with. (Nume is having a special: $28 Any Curling Wand Promo Code: HAIRCARE28)
  2. Next, take a brush or your fingers and apply hair gel to your part/root area. If you've got grown out roots, this is a fun way to cover them!
  3. Using the same brush, rinse the gel off, and apply craft glitter to the area you added the gel to. If you're not using a brush, go ahead and sprinkle the glitter from your container to where you've applied the gel. Try to concentrate more at the root, and gradient it out.
  4. Apply hair spray to set the glitter.
  5. Sparkle!

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Happy New Year! and Happy Sparkling!


  1. So gorgeous!! Love it all!! Happy new year love!!

  2. What a cute idea!!!! Happy New Year gorgeous! Hugs, Kait


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