Thursday, November 19, 2015

Easy Marble Print Nails

I've been loving marble print on everything lately. I love having fun with my nails, so I thought I would test out this marble look for my nail art. It's easy, so here's your quick how to... feel free to play with any color combo you like. I wanted to keep this monochromatic so I did black and white. I was inspired from this tutorial. 

1.) Start with a base coat and then use a base color. For my example, I'm using white. Make your nails are properly dry before you do the next step. 

2.) This process works best with two colors, so dot your contrasting color on your nail randomly and add a few dots of the base coat color to that.

3.) Next take some cling wrap and gently touch it to your nail to swirl and mix the colors together. Keep adding more blobs of nail polish and pressing the cling wrap to achieve a look you are happy with.
4.) Seal it with a top coat to make it last. I picked a matte top coat to make it look more like a stone finish.

More marble print loves:

Happy Marbling!

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