Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black and Bling + Philz Coffee

What I love about LA is how around every corner, there seems to be cool wall art like this that provides the perfect #ootd backdrop. This outfit is what I call casual black and bling. I love to wear simple jersey dresses and dress it up with accessories like I did here. 

I decided to wear this very bold sparkly necklace to punch up this outfit. Mirina Collections has amazing statement necklaces that are all hand made. Use my coupon code: THREADS20 to get 20% off your entire order sitewide on http://www.mirinacollections.com/.

So one of my favorite places to stop and get coffee is Philz Coffee. This coffee shop is orginally from San Fransisco, and they currently have 2 locations in LA - Downtown and Santa Monica. They make their coffee's one cup at a time, and you can really taste the quality. What they're known for, and what I always have to get, is the mint mojtio iced coffee. It's refreshing, minty, creamy and sweet. Something about this magical drink that puts me in such a good mood. I couldn't bear to put my drink down, so it because my accessory in this style post.

Yay coffee!

Look at this beautifulness!


Look at this necklace!

Thinking about my coffee.... :)

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