Tuesday, November 11, 2014

IKEA Lack Table Hack + my new AquaFarm

I've been loving the look of shiny gold dipped things. I recently got a new AquaFarm made by Back to the Roots and was in need of a small table to set it on. I decided to keep it clean and pick up a simple LACK table by Ikea - only $7! I knew I wanted to spruce it up a bit, so I thought gold dipped legs would be perfect! Keep reading to see my Ikea LACK side table hack.

A quick review on the AquaFarm so far -- I'm so excited about it - I've been eyeing this thing for a while now. I love the idea of growing your own food and that the fish helps to fertilize the plants, and the plants help to filter the water for the fish. The science behind it: The fish doesn't eat the roots from the plants so I still feed it fish food normally, but the plants act as a natural filter to convert the waste from the fish into nitrites and then nitrates. The plants then take up the nitrates as the nutrients they need to grow. I've had my tank for a week now and had a bit of a rough start with my fish. I won't get into the details, but our first fish didn't survive past 3 days and then we got a new fish. We found that although it seems really easy to set up, the AquaFarm may be a bit tricky if you don't follow directions exactly.

2 things important things I learned:
1. Don't listen to the directions about the food - it said to feed the fish 2-3xs per day - you should only feed a betta 1x a day max (4-5 pellets).
2. Also, pick up a heater - they like their water to be about 80 degrees. Fish #2 seems pretty happy and the plants are growing.. FAST!

You can pick up your own AquaFarm here:

Now, on to the Ikea LACK table hack in 7 steps!
1.) Start by figuring how much gold you want to have at the bottom of your table legs - we went with 4.5"
2.) Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a line around each leg as a guide.
3.) Use blue painters tape and follow the pencil lines.
4.) We cut up old paper bags to use to cover the parts we didn't want the gold paint to get on like below:
5.) In a well ventilated area, start by spraying thin layers of gold on each side of the legs - make sure to read all the safety instructions on your paint before you get started.
6.) Do a 2nd coat and let it dry over night.
7.) Once it's dry, you can remove the tape and paper, and voila! You've got a new fancy table.

More gold dipped things to be inspired by... what would you dip in gold?
Inspiration (left to right, top to bottom): 1234,  56

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