Friday, November 14, 2014

Contour and Highlight with Sarah Sori

I'm excited to bring you guys a guest post by the ever so talented Sarah Sori! She is my go to makeup expert and is amazingly creative with her makeup looks. Follow her on Instagram (@SarahSori), like on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube. I've always wanted to learn how to contour and highlight like all the photos I see on Pintrest and Instagram, but I didn't think it would be this easy! Sarah shows us how in her quick 5 min video below. Read on to learn how!


Highlighting and contouring is a fantastic, fast, and easy way to bring out your best facial features and a way to create an illusion of your desired facial shape.

Many people, myself included, probably have wondered just what products to use and exactly how to do it. My five minute video will show you how to highlight and contour using 3 different types of products. You can really use any type of product, as long as you have a shade that is a bit lighter than your own and darker than your own. It took me a lot of trial and error to find the perfect shades to highlight and contour with. The colors to use will be different for every skin tone, so just get yourself out to Ulta or Sephora and start sampling different colors on yourself.

Highlighting and contouring will also differ slightly for the type of face you have. The technique that I show you in the video pretty much covers the general face type (bringing out the tops of the nose to make it look thinner and taller, contouring under the cheekbones and around the face to make my face appear slimmer). But if you have a tiny face with very narrow cheeks like our author Mindy and Michelle Phan, you wouldn't contour around your chin or on the bottom part of your face. If you have a tiny forehead, you wouldn't contour the forehead because they would make your forehead appear even smaller. But if you had a huge Tyra Banks forehead, you would contour the heck out of it.

My goal for my YouTube video tutorials is to make beauty accessible to everyone, even to people who are makeup illiterate. It is my hope to explain techniques and tools necessary to achieve that look at a level where everyone can understand and be encouraged to try it for themselves.

So watch the video, like it, and subscribe to my channel if you like what you see!
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Products used in the Contour and Highlight Video:

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