Thursday, October 16, 2014

October IPSY Glam Bag Review

My October IPSY glam bag is here! At first, I was a bit disappointed at what I had received because I saw some of the teasers posted on their Instagram page but as I examined the items more, I actually really liked them. This month's theme is Beauty Candy. IPSY is a subscription makeup bag that is personalized to your tastes (based on a personality quiz) that I get every month for only $10! It's so cheap, that's why I haven't cancelled yet like other subscriptions I've tried. Get yours here.

Here's what was in my bag this month:
This item came in a cute little container so it was a perfect item to throw into my purse for those days when my hands are feeling a bit dry. It has a light scent that I don't mind and does what it needs to to moisturize. 

This is a perfect little travel sized cleanser to throw into my toiletry bag for a weekend away. It smells really nice, although it doesn't lather, it removed my make up pretty well.

Swatch of the nail polish in "On a Gilt Trip’" - this is a matte or suede finish gold glitter polish. I don't really like the color, but I know this brand is high quality. I like the texture of the finish because it's unusual, but the color is a bit light for my liking. 

noyah | Lipstick
Lipstick swatch - this is a dark mauve color. The color is nice, but the packaging of the lipstick seems really cheap. In person, it is a bit darker and less pink than is showing up in my photo below. I love mauve on lips so I'll be using this lip color regularly!

I LOVE liquid eye liner and love that I got this full sized liner. I wonder how much product is in this thing and how long it will actually last me. It goes on pretty smooth and seems long wearing. Love that it is waterproof, not many of mine are. It glides on smoothly and I like how dark it is. 

Get your very own IPSY Gam bag here 

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