Monday, September 8, 2014

Eats :: U.S. Taco Co.

I finally checked out U.S. Taco Co. near main street in Huntington Beach. It's on 5th street and PCH, the newer area dubbed "The Strand", where Bruxie and Forever 21 icon are. US Taco is mega fast food chain Taco Bell's new fast casual concept. I love the idea of fast casual dining, because it gives you an option to go out to eat, without ending up at a sit down restaurant or a fast food joint. Overall, this place was okay. It was worth checking out and has lots of good ideas. I only like half of the items I ordered, so maybe I ordered the wrong things. Read on for pictures and reviews of the items. 

Here's what they've got on the menu

Our spread of tacos, fries and leche shake - Presentation was great, love that they served the food on these trays and the mini cast iron skillet for the papas. 

The "Shut Your Pie Hole" Leche Shake 
Served in a mason jar - this was awesome and my favorite part of the meal. It had crumbles of pie crust. Yum!

The Literally Grilled Cheese Taco 
This one was pretty good, who doesn't line some nice toasty cheese? i picked off the peppers though, i'm not a fan of bell peppers.

Asada Fries
Loved the way they did their actual fries, the sauce was good at first, but them became over-powering and all I could think of was "Wow, this tastes like Taco Bell."

The 1%er Taco
This Lobster taco served on what seemed like a gordita wrapper was really good, the only thing was the "garlic butter" sauce ended up making this really oily and dripped red oil as you ate it. Not that appetizing. 

Not My First Rodeo Taco
I really didn't like this one. It had smoked brisket that seems really dry and definitely lacking something.

Wanna Get Lei'd Taco
This Mahi Mahi taco was okay, the polynesian sauce that it was served with was weird, All I could think of was how this tasted like Sweet & Sour sauce from a fast food joint.  

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