Monday, December 16, 2013

Cracked Makeup Rescue

This one's for my girls... everyone knows how sad it is when you open up your makeup bag and find this....

Whether it be from accidentally dropping your makeup or from traveling, I think we've all had to deal with a broken eye-shadow palette or blush/bronzer. Here's how you can save it without having to carry it around an a zip-lock. I originally learned how to do this from the Beauty Department check out their tutorial here.

what you'll need:
- rubbing alcohol
- plastic wrap
- eyeliner brush
- eyedropper or straw
- small spatula

1.) Put as much of the loose cracked powder back into the original pan. Cover the palette/section with the plastic wrap and then take the back of your eye-shadow brush and start breaking up the chunks of loose powder. We use the plastic wrap to keep everything in place and not make too big of a mess.

2.) Then when all of the makeup is now made into loose powder, you can start adding a few drops of the alcohol (using either the dropper or the straw). You're going to add a little at a time and stir with your spatula to make a thick paste.

3.) Spread the paste into the pan - in my example, i didn't have much left of the blush to spread, but you may have enough to cover the entire thing to the edges.

4.) Once you have it all in one place, just let it sit and dry -- That's it! the alcohol will evaporate out and leave you with a new pressed powder. You can use the-eye shadow brush or a q-tip to clean up the edges also.

Fixed! :)

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