Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Even though summer is over, that doesn't mean that the adventures have to end. Today's idea on my mind is wanderlust: exploration and inspiration. I'm hungry for life and love to explore new places, foods and things to do. Here's some inspiring destinations I've been longing to experience:

To put a lock on the Lock Love bridge in Paris,  to explore the light caves in the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, to walk through the Wisteria tunnels in Japan, to explore the world's largest cave Son Doong Cave in Vietnam,to eat croissants in Paris while basking in the view of the Eiffel Towerand to witness the natural wonder of the amazing marble caves in Patagonia, Chile.


To see more day-dream worthy photos, take a look at my Wanderlust board on my Pinterest. What destinations are you dreaming about visiting?

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